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Heidegger once said that “to make space is to gift place freely.”


My approach to matter is nourished by spatialist sources. Lucio Fontana affirmed that “it is no longer the figure as painting, but the painting as figure that is destroyed, perforated;” this is the artistic object. Because all art is creation-destruction and one act cannot be without the other, in my own work I began cutting, breaking and ripping in order to mend and rebuild from the scraps. Representing spaces but creating a new space for them, giving them a new entity.


I apply deconstructionist principles to painting: Rupture, the fragmentation of space, a measured chaos as a way of researching and working toward a new construction-deconstruction of reality. Space created to host space. Deconstructionist architects started with classic structures in order, after a process of structural re-formation--a deeply vital process of destruction-construction, to create new spaces-realities. I follow these principles in painting. Spaces hosted in a new reality that fuse with them and offer new being to them. A being-in-itself. This measured chaos is at once a provocation and a letting be, an end and a destruction, a reconstruction. A sensitive and sensorial dynamic. New spaces offered to the spectator, who will be the one to live in them and wander through them. Spaces where we may give new form to ourselves in our deeper interior. Spaces in which to re-inhabit our selves, to re-exist, to re-create.


My spaces are, finally, an image of the construction of identity. Those structures are also a reconstruction of myself, of my inner world, which is shattered and reborn incessantly. It is a search for identity, they talk about me, but they are for others, because I am not interested in knowing what I have been, but rather that someone else may be, through my works. Let him go through them in another way that will be only his. Because we all have had to, in our personal construction, citizens of a world that has become small, migrants, to integrate what was not our own. Make it ours, transform it, creating that new unity that we are.


And then destroy what I have been. Be today. I have destroyed my paintings for making my textile sculptures with them, resilient paintings having a new unexpected life. I have destroyed my paintings for putting them on, dressing them, for being myself, for being today.



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